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Helping dogs and their people for over

25 years!

​Discover the difference...

Leading the Way, established in 1992, is the area's premier doggie daycare, dog training and behavioral center. We are dedicated to enhancing the relationship of both ends of the leash, through knowledge, compassion and building long term relationships with our clients — two and four-legged!

Our DayCare is focused on play and is customized to each unique dog's needs. We use the most recent research on ideal canine play and social environments. Using studies on canine enrichment, with mental and emotional well being our guide, we designed our play areas. This is all backed with over 25 years experience of canine behavioral consulting.



Our Behavioral Center We use the latest, scientifically based positive reinforcement methods in all of our training. At Leading the Way, our belief is that each student is a different learner and should have the chance to explore different methods, not a one-type-fits-all cookie cutter approach. We use treats, toys, clickers, and play...anything that will motivate your dog and you! We have more than 25 years of experience in training and canine behavior to combine in educating both dogs and their humans.

We create strong canine and human partnerships, built on trust, love, and respect that lasts a lifetime.


Our Overnight Care It allows you peace of mind while you are away. Your dog(s) stay as a member of our family. They get to enjoy family time and if comfortable, their days are spent with the daycare group at no extra charge.

Doggie DayCare

Discover the gem of Northampton! Providing the best in weekday doggie daycare, enrichment and social play all in an environment supervised by skilled, first- aid trained staff, with over 25 years of experience in canine behavior and training. 

Training & Behavioral Consults

We have been training both ends of the leash for over 30 years! Leading the Way offers small group classes (clicker options if preferred), including puppy, manners, tricks, off-leash, Rally-O, scent games, AKC CGC, advanced handler, agility, and more. Private lessons are also available at your home or at our center. Our behavioral practice specializes in aggression, fears, phobias, and problem behaviors.

Find Us At:

18 Chestnust St

Florence, Ma 01062


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