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Our Overnight Care

Going on a family vacation? Have a business trip planned? Who is going to watch your dog?...

We open our hearts and our home to care for your dog(s) overnight!

We are currently accepting reservations for our overnight care. 

Our overnight care allows you peace of mind while you are away. Your dog(s) stay as a member of our family. They get to enjoy family time and if comfortable, their days are spent with the daycare group at no extra charge. For more information or to make a reservation for your dog, please

What makes us different....No extra charge for, and always has been, included in their care:


Kongs and other puzzle toys filled with treats

Daily Walks

Giving Medications

Giving Yummy Bedtime Treats

Nail Trimming

Cuddles and Snuggle time

Feeding them your own dog food


Reserve your dates today​​...

Please note: Holidays and School Vacations fill quickly so it is advised to reserve these dates in advance.




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