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​Dog Training & Behavioral Consults

We use the latest, scientifically based, positive reinforcement methods in all our training. At Leading the Way, our belief is that each student is a different learner and should have the chance to explore different methods, not a one-type-fits-all cookie cutter approach.

We use treats, toys, clickers, and play...anything that will assist in motivating your dog and you!

We have more than 25 years of experience in training and educating both dogs and their humans. Our goal and mission is to share our extensive knowledge of canine behavior, obedience training, trick training, therapy dog training, show training, and behavior modification. We can then create strong canine and human partnerships built on trust, love, and respect, that lasts a lifetime.

About Our Classes​

All of our classes are limited to 6-8 students. These small class sizes provide for individualized attention. Most classes are offered more than one day per week, if your schedule permits, for greater support, allowing clients to attend one or both for the same fee--it's like two classes for the price of one. All classes are taught using only positive methods, including, but not limited to, shapi​​​​​​​ng and clicker training. Our classes cater to your own personal needs and goals. We listen!

​All training is also available in private lessons either at your home, our training center or in the community.

Manners 101: This 10 week class is the foundation training for all ages. It covers basic commands, including sit, come when called, and stay, among others. Skills covered include polite greetings, no begging, no jumping, and housebreaking, among others.​

Skill Builder: This 10 week class is ideal for the handler and dog with some experience under their collar and want to take their skills to the next level. Skills include, but not limited to, improving your leash walking and come when called with intense distractions.​

Therapy Dog Class: This 10 week class focuses on preparing the handler and dog for any therapy environment. This class is ideal for both the novice and experienced handler.

Agility for the Beginner and Intermediate: In this 10 week class, you will learn skills of sequencing, obstacles and footwork needed to be successful in the sport of agility.

Tricks, Targets and Games, Oh My!: This on-going class will cover tricks such as roll over, play dead, wipe your nose, peekaboo, and yes, READ!...PLUS SO MUCH MORE! Really anything you want to create!

Special Classes and Topic Workshops include:​

Off-Leash Extravaganza

Puppy Classes


Scent Games

Advanced Classes

Junior (Children's) Classes

AKC Canine Good Citizenship

Graduate Handler

On the Road Again

Clicker Skills 101

Leash Manners in Public

Polite Greeting

Come When Called

Problem Solving Classes

Aggression, Fear and Reactive Behavior

So the Kids Want a Dog

Welcoming a New Baby/Child into the home

Canine Massage

Animal Communication

Make Your Own Dog Toys

Pet First Aid

And More...

Contact us on our current class class schedule, book a private one-on-one lesson OR to schedule a behavioral consult. ​​

All of our classes are OPEN ENROLLMENT, allowing you to begin today!


For more information on our classes or workshops, please

Our Behavioral Consultations...​​

Are you struggling with a behavior you are not sure how to solve?...Are you avoiding dogs and people on walks?...Are you embarrassed or afraid to have friends or family visit with your dog because of the behavior?...You are not alone...Leading the Way has been providing the behavioral interventions and solutions since 1992. Shannon also specializes in reactive, fearful and shy dogs.

What makes our behavior modification program different...

Only positive methods are used with the very latest humane behavior modification tools. We NEVER use any abusive leash corrections or dominance based training methods EVER!

There is no time limit on our behavior modification program. It is simply because the trauma that causes reactive, fearful, shy, and other behavioral concerns takes time to heal. Having a deadline to complete a class over your head is one more pressure for the student that they do not need.

We structure our program to heal and rehabilitate your dog and your family in a caring manner. These behaviors impact more than just the impacts so many relationships...yours with your dog, the dog with its family, the dog and the's a bigger picture and we understand that.  We base the training on the uniqueness of YOUR FAMILY and YOUR GOALS.

Let us show you how 25+ years of proven success in changing behavior can help your dog and your family!


To schedule a private behavioral consult, contact us!

Our Behavioral Consultant & Instructor, Shannon Fitzgerald, with over 25 years experience, is a member of the Professional Association of Pet Dog Trainers; Professional Member of The Pet Professional Guild-Association for Force Free Professionals; AKC CGC Evaluator; Trained Pet Partner Evaluator and Instructor; Off Leash Director for Camp Unleashed. She has also been featured in Dog Fancy Magazine, and is a regular columnist for Happy Valley Animals Magazine. She was also honored with the Diamond Clover 4-H Award for 20 years of service for the Dog Care program.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Training both ends of the leash for over 25 years!

For more information on one of our classes or to enroll your dog in class contact us

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